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A vital aspect of realizing the success of any company involves articulating the vision, mission and critical success factors perceived by its leaders.

The professional background of the directors as well as their passion and commitment to their profession, are crucial ingredients for giving direction to the company. At TPA, the directors have provided the vision and the energy that has guided the company to it achieve its success and high standards.


Mr. Noshir D. Talati

The founder and Chairman of Talati & Panthaky – Associated Pvt. Ltd. 

A.A., DIPP., G.D. Arch., A.I.I.A., F.I.I.D.,M. Arch - USA


Noshir is the driving force and inspiration behind the company. His approach to design has always been a simple one – Always let the function of a space determine its form. He has always looked at design from the inside out and his belief in simple lines, attention to detail and rejection of short-lived fashions has rendered a classical signature style that is original and well recognized all over the city of Mumbai. His passion for architecture and love for aesthetic has sustained the company for many decades and continues to do so.

His immense knowledge in the field, runs into over four decades of experience in the disciplines of architecture, interior design and real estate.

He has been involved in various prestigious projects ranging from large scale corporate and commercial establishments, restaurants, leisure centers to individual bungalows and apartments.

He has won several awards during his career, including the 'Hind Rattan' for outstanding service and achievements and contribution to society.



Mr. Nozer R. Panthaky

Co-founder and Managing director of Talati and Panthaky Associated Ltd. 

A.A., DIPP., G.D. Arch., A.I.I.A., A.I.I.D.


Nozer has over forty years of experience in the disciplines of interior design and architecture. During these forty years, he has completed projects for some of the largest corporates in India as well as luxury homes for some of India's leading public figures. 

He is known for his uncanny attention to detail and delivering a high standard of finish and quality to every project. His ability to achieve these high standards has made him a well respected member in the field of design in India. His dedication to the company and its values has helped the TPA flourish over the many years. 



Mr. Naushir DeVitre

A.A., DIPP., G.D. Arch., A.I.I.A., A.I.I.D. 


Naushir brings with him immense experience, spanning over four decades in the areas in both interior design and architecture. His experience and talent renders him one of the key pillars of TPA with several high profile projects for both corporates as well as private residences for leading personalities in the country.

Naushir is currently handling multiple high-profile projects simultaneously in the fast paced dynamic environment of India's budding economy today. He is in line with the fast changing trends in architecture and strives to create environments that are long lasting with clean elegant forms. He is constantly exploring new innovative materials in his design and strives to create a more environmentally sensitive approach to architecture and design.



Mr. Phiroze J. Panthaki

A.A., DIPP., G.D. Arch., A.I.I.A., A.I.I.D. 


With over thirty-five years of experience in architecture, Phiroze's expertise are multifaceted with works ranging from commercial complexes and educational centers to shops, apartment buildings and bungalows. Phiroze's forte lies in his ability to be involved at every step of a project; creating spaces that he sees through from the concept and the planning to the design detailing, coordination and execution, specializing in the handling of large scale projects. 

Having been educated in Mumbai itself, Phiroze is sensitive to the various social threads that run through the city. His designs reflect the surrounding cultural context with versatile solutions, creating spaces that are enduring, elegant and beautifully proportioned. 



Mr. Sharookh Mehta

BA/Hons- ID Kingston UK 


Sharookh has been in the field of interior design, industrial design and architecture for over two decades. He has been associated with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin, USA, and in the design and construction of the first prairie style house in the UK 

Sharookh is involved in the design and architecture of large scale healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics in India. He is also spearheading TPA's international venture in Oman that is currently undertaking over 4 million sq.ft of work. 

His design philosophy finds its foundation in the Bauhaus, believing that any structure should be a 'complete work of art', down to the last detail. Understanding that true design follows function, his spaces are also acutely aware of form, shadow and light while at the same time paying great attention to the volume, scale and materiality. This holistic approach of creating a structure in its totality- inspires his designs and can be fully appreciated in his work. 



Mr. Zahir R. Cassum

Zahir has been in the field of Interior Design for over twenty five years. He has worked on several high profile design projects of apartments, offices, restaurants and retail spaces for high profile clients. 

Zahir's ability to deliver impeccable detailing and finish to his projects, sets the quality of his work apart. His personal involvement is one his greatest strengths. Working closely with the clients and his team Zahir is able to create interior spaces that are not only functional but inspire creativity. He approaches his design by not only looking at the big picture but also getting into every little detail of a project. 



Mr. Xerxes N. Talati

BSBA Finance; M.A. Arch - USA 




Ms. Ria Talati

I.I.I.D - B.A Sociology
M.Sc. Interior & Arch. -  USA 

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